Major Resources

Video Conferencing System over IP

IT Resources

A Strong Computer System using, among others, the following Major Software :

Civil & Structural:

  • Bentley STAADPRO  -  Structural Analysis and Design
  • GTSTRUDL   -   Steel & Concrete Design
  • SAP-2000 – Structural Analysis Software
  • NISA – Structural Analysis Software
  • XSTEEL-  STEEL Detail & Modeler
  • Geo-Studio -  Slope, Seep, Sigma, Quake, Temp, Ctran
  • Stromnet - Stormwater & Wastewater Modelling Software
  • MX ROADS (Ver 2.6) -  Design of Road Geometry, Road Alignment, Profile Design and Qty. Estimate.
  • HEADS-2000 -  Design of Road Geometry
  • Escondes Conveyer Belt Design  -  Design Calculation of Conveyer Belts.
  • ETABS (Ver.9.1.1) -  Building Analysis and Design Software
  • SAFE (Ver.8.0.7) -  Slab Analysis (Flat Slab Raft)
  • Sewer CAD 2006 -  Sewer line Design
  • Water CAD V8 XM for AutoCAD 2006 -  Solution of Distribution Network of Water Potable


  • Plant Design Software (PDS) Upgradation 3D Modelling
  • Plant Design Management System (PDMS)  3D Modelling
  • SS PIPE  -  3D Drafting Software for Piping
  • Auto Plant – 3D Drafting Software for Piping
  • Caesar II V5 - Pipe Flexibility & Stress Analysis
  • Pipe Stress – Stress Analysis for Nuclear Piping
  • Auto Pipe -  Stress Analysis Software
  • GT Pro & GTMaster including Steam Pro, Steam Master Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Design Program & Steam Turbine Design
  • KORF -  Line Hydraulic Check and Line Sizing, Pressure Drop Calculation for Liquid Vapour and Two(2) Phases Flow
  • API 650 TANK - Oil Storage Tank Design
  • PIPENET SUNRISE 1 - Analysis of Flow in Pipe & Duct Network
  • WHAM -  Transient System Analysis
  • Surge 2000 -  Water Hammer Analysis
  • I-Sketch for Piping Isometric
  • ESCONDE -  Conveyor Power Calculation.


  • ETAP (Ver. 5.0.2) -   Electrical Short Circuit Study, Motor Acceleration Study, Load flow Analysis, Transient Stability Analysis, Device Coordination
  • MiPower -   Load Flow Analysis, Short Circuit Study, Relay Co-ordination, Transient Stability Analysis
  • Cloudis Cable Management Software -  Cable Management Software
  • CGLUX -  Lighting Design
  • CALCULUX -  Lighting Design
  • SAFT  -  Ni-Cad Battery Sizing Software


  • DISPER  -  Atmospheric Dispersion of Stack Emission
  • GEMCOM -  Mining – Underground and Mine Plan etc.
  • RAWMIX -  Raw Mix of Cement Design
  • Autodesk Raster Design  -   Raster to Vector Conversion Software     
  • 3D Studio Max  -  3D Animation & Modelling Software     
  • PVElite  -  Pressure Vessel Design & Analysis
  • Documentum   Document Management
  • PRIMAVERA - Enterprise Version for Engineering & Construction Project Management
  • Bentley IRAS-B - Raster to Vector converter
  • Intools Smartplant Instrumentation
  • R C CAD -  Drafting Tool
  • Bentley Micro Station  -  Drafting Tool
  • AutoCAD  -  Drafting Tool

Apart from that we have a host of In-house developed Software for various purpose.

Data Centre

 DC's Data Centre houses:

  • Literature of around 3000 Indian and foreign manufacturers for around 30,000 engineering products.
  • Around 20,000 codes, standards and specifications of 56 International Professional Bodies including Indian Standards.
  • More than 6000 Reference Books.
  • Regular issues of around 300 technical journals.
  • In addition, it renders CAS, SDI, Bibliographical (online), micrographic and translation services.

Codes & Standards

DCPL Data Centre has huge collection of all relevant Indian and International Codes & Standards. These include BS, DIN, VDE, GOST, TGL, CSN, Canadian Standards, Latest EN etc. It also houses, other Codes / Standards like ANSI, ASME, ASTM, RCC-GTEMA, HI, ASHRAE, AFNOR, UL, NFPA, USNRC, IAEA, EJMA, AWWA, API, ACI, ASCE, IEEE, IEC, ISO, Australian Standards and New Zealand Standards.

Relevant acts and rules namely, IE Rules, Petrochemical Rules and Acts, TAC Regulations, IBR, CPCB Publications and various other Acts & Rules applicable in India are also available in our Data Centre.