Environmental & Pollution Control Engineering

For more than two decades DCPL has been rendering services in the field of environmental engineering and studies through a dedicated group. This dedicated group is now termed as “Green Cell”. The group specializes in:

  • Environmental impact assessment (eia) & environment management plan (EMP)
  • Chemical  Emergency Prevention & Containment

i.   Hazard And Operability Study (HAZOP)
ii.  Accident Consequence Analysis
iii. Emergency Planning (Disaster Management Plan)

  • Industrial Effluent Conveyance And Treatment
  • Sewage Conveyance And Treatment
  • Water Conveyance And Treatment
  • Public Health Engineering And Management  Of Mega Projects
  • Consultancy Services For Solar / Biomass Based Power Plants

Please visit our Greencell website to know more about our environmental & pollution control engineering services.

For detailed comprehensive list, please write to us at dcl@dclgroup.com.