Water Treatment, Water Supply Engineering

Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority Water Treatment Plant at Palta, West Bengal, India Capacity : 60 MGD in Stg-I and 180 MGD in Stg-II. TEFR, BE, DE, PM, O&M
National Thermal Power Corporation [NTPC] Water Supply Project at Korba STPS Township in Madhya Pradesh, IndiaCapacity : 2 MGD MP, BE, DE, PA, PM
Connal Consultoria, Bolivia Potable Water Distribution in Trinidad Distribution network analysis and optimization study
NTPC Water Supply System for Farakka Township, West Bengal, India Data collection, raw water analysis, basic engineering and process selection, estimation, operation & maintenance and finally techno-economic study and recommendation for suitable system
World Health Organisation [WHO],

South East Asia Regional Office,

New Delhi

Planning & Programming for International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Services in Liaison with concerned Sector Authorities of the State Governments Data collection, feasibility study including evaluation of methods of revenue collection, rate studies and recommendation on defraying charges towards system operation, maintenance and extension
Govt. of Syrian Arab Republic, Syria Water Supply Project for Musulmiye, Hama, Adra, Tartous
Pump capacities:
600m3/hr to
1800 m3/hr. each
TEFR – Tech. Economic Feasibility Report; BE – Basic Engineering; DE – Detailed Engineering; PA – Procurement Assistance; PM – Project Management; CM – Construction Management; COMM – Commissioning; O&M – Operation & Maintenance; MP – Master Plan; SVY – Survey/Investigation

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