International Recognition

DC is recognized with the following International Financial Institutions:

  • International Bank for Reconstruction and Development [The World Bank]
  • Asian Development Bank [ADB]
  • Overseas Economic Co-operation Fund [OECF]
  • Japan Bank for International Co-operation [JBIC]
  • Japan International Co-operation Agency [JICA]
  • Islamic Development Bank [IDB]
  • Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development
  • Inter-American Development Bank
  • African Development Bank [AFDB]
  • Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa
  • Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, Kuwait
  • Abu Dhabi Fund for Arab Economic Development
  • Ministry of Planning, Libya
  • United Nations Industrial Development Organization
  • World Health Organization [WHO]

Various other Government and special bodies of countries in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America also consider DC eligible to participate in their projects.

Download partial list of international financial institutions aided / financed projects by DC Group.