Air-Conditioning & Ventilation

The HVAC division with top class engineers has worked for over four decades in areas from Mines to Space. It has a rich experience in Air-conditioning, Ventilation, Refrigeration and Air Pollution Control projects around the globe with an impressive track record in critical areas such as Atomic Power Stations, Industrial establishments, Space Vehicle Launching Station, largest Clean Room and Polyester Plant in India, Food Processing plants, Intelligent Buildings.

National Airport Authority,New Delhi Modernization of Air Traffic System for Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Imphal Airports in India BE, DE, PA, CM, COMM
Semiconductor Complex Ltd , Chandigarh VLSI Project & Gaetec Projects in Chandigarh & Hyderabad, India BE, DE, PA, CM, COMM
Mitsubishi – Bechtel,Philadelphia, U.S.A. Gazian Project – 4x650 MW TPS at Saudi Arabia BE, DE, PA, CM, COMM
Presidential Palace at Damascus, Syria Govt. of Syria BE, DE, PA, CM, COMM
Yale University, Connecticut, U.S.A. Yale University Project, USA BE, DE, PA, CM, COMM
National Council of Science Museums, Kolkata Science City Project at Kolkata, India BE, DE, PA, CM, COMM
Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO),Andhra Pradesh PSLV Rocket Launching Station, Mobile Service Tower, India BE, DE, PA, CM, COMM
BE – Basic Engineering; DE – Detailed Engineering; PA – Procurement  Assistance; CM – Construction Management; COMM –Commissioning

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