DC Group's experience background in Desalination plants dates back to '70s when its affiliate The Kuljian Corporation, Philadelphia rendered total engineering consultancy for the then largest Desalination plant in the world at Al Jobail, Saudi Arabia. Since then Desalination process has undergone sea change and DC has succeeded in keeping itself fully abreast of all latest technological developments in the process winning trust of esteemed clients both Indian and overseas.

Municipality of Zliten, Libya 3x10,000 TPD Zliten Desalination Plant DE, PA, CM, COMM, O&M
Sanghi Cement Ltd. 5000 CuM per day and 60 MW Power BE, DE of Balance of Plant
Jordan Electricity Authority 0.45 MGD Reverse Osmosis Plant in Jordan BE, DE, PA, I&E, CM, COMM
Relevant Experience of The Kuljian Corporation, U.S.A.
Saudi Consolidated Electric Company, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 3x1.06 MGD MSF
2x625 MW at Qurayyah, Saudi Arabia
Saline Water Conversion Corpn., Al Jobail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1] 250 MGD Desalination 10x130 MW Power
2] 24 MGD Desalination 2x65 MW Power
3] 43 MGD Desalination 210 MW Power
SS, BE, DE, PA, I&E, PM, CM, COMM, O&M (Initial limited period)
SS – Site Selection; BE – Basic Engineering; DE – Detailed Engineering; PA – Procurement Assistance; I&E – Inspection & Expediting; PM – Project Management; CM – Construction Management;   COMM – Commissioning; O&M – Operation & Maintenance

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