Chemicals & Minerals

DC's Chemicals & Minerals expertise encompasses assimilation and application of specialized process know-how and engineering projects, however complex, are completed within stringent time schedule. This division has the privilege of working hand in hand with frontline international process collaborators. Starting with front-end engineering activities like developing P&I diagrams, equipment sizing, etc., it serves the entire range of project engineering needs. It has demonstrated its versatility in an array of chemical projects of varied nature, which includes advanced materials like synthetic ferric oxide, white tabular alumina, soft, ferrite, PET resin, soaps and detergents, pesticides, molecular sieve, fertilizer and bio-technology.

Ushta-te Biotech Industries Ltd., Tamil Nadu Process Collaborator 
[PC] : Starcosa – GmbH, Germany
12,000 MTPA High Fructose Syrup, Dextrose Monohydrate, Anhydrous Dextrose and Starch Plant in Tamil Nadu, India BE, DE, PA, I&E, PM, CM, COMM
The Associated Cement Companies [ACC] Ltd. W.B. PC : ISSI-USA, NKK-Japan 10,000 MTPA Synthetic Ferric Oxide Plant at Falta, West Bengal, India BE, DE, PA, I&E, PM, CM, COMM
ALCOA-ACC Industrial Chemicals Ltd. 10,000 MTPA White Tabular Alumina Plant in West Bengal, India DE, PA, PM, CM, COMM
Hindustan Lever Ltd.Haldia, West Bengal
PC: Crossfield Chemicals
8,000 MTPA Molecular Sieve Plant, India DE, PA, PM, CM, COMM
Lubrizol India Ltd., Mumbai PC: Lubrizol Corporation, U.S.A. 3000 MTPA High based Phenate and 1500 MTPA Magnesium Sulphonate Plant, India DE, PA, I&E, PM, CM, COMM
Shaw Wallace & Co. Ltd., Haldia, West Bengal 1.2 MTPD Acephate (Technical Grade) and other Organo Phosphorous Pesticide Plant, India BE, DE, PA, I&E, PM, CM, COMM
Uranium Corporation of India Limited 3000 TPD Uranium Ore Process Plant at Turamdih BE, PA AND I&E
Birla Nifty PTY Ltd., Australia 2.5 MTPY Copper Ore Benefication Plant at Nifty, Australia DE, PA
Konkola Copper Mines, Zambia 6 MTPY Copper Ore Beneficiation Plant in Zambia BE, PA, RE, I&E, PM
Uranium Corporation of India Ltd. 3000 Tpd Uranium Ore Process Plant at Tumallapalle, AP (Alkaline Leaching) BE,PA, RE, I&E, PM
Titanium Mineral Products Ltd. , Kolkata Titanium Complex in Orissa 1st Phase : 1,08,000c Tpy Ti slag & 6900 Tpy Pig Iron DE,PA, RE, I&E, PM
BE – Basic Engineering; DE – Detailed Engineering; PA – Procurement  Assistance; I&E – Inspection & Expediting; PM – Project Management; CM – Construction Management; COMM – Commissioning

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