Company Profile

The journey of Development Consultants (DC) began in 1950 when Dr. Sadhan C. Dutt, a young engineer from a Premier Institute, gathered around him a team of brilliant engineers and launched the Indian operations of The Kuljian Corporation (TKC) of USA, pioneering stand-alone consulting engineering firm in India. It coincided with post-independence quest for an industrial future of the country.

In 1970, emerged Development Consultants, inheriting the goodwill, expertise, experience and personnel of TKC India. Since then DC has engineered over 1600 grass-root projects in the fields of Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Cement & Mining, Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Mineral Processing & Beneficiation, Pulp & Paper, Material Handling, Architecture, Environment, etc. in 60 countries around the globe.

DC has been associated as Consultant with a large number of Nuclear Power Projects of India, a fact which speaks of DC’s standing as Leading Consultants in India.

The Company is committed to offering engineering services of the highest quality to ensure state-of-the-art technology, economy in project and product costs, timely completion of assignments, environment-friendliness and customer satisfaction.

DC, a dynamic growth-oriented organization, aims at achieving continuous self-improvement through R&D, diversification, market studies, market development and team efforts with delegation of appropriate authority to engineers and its support staff.

DC is also committed to providing a new dimension to social service by seeking high standards of business ethics, a harmonious work environment, social and community welfare.