Power Plant Operation & Modernization

C.E.A., U,S.A. 4x62.5 MW & 2x110 MW Talcher TPS for Orissa State Electricity Board in Orissa Due Diligence Study
TRACTEBEL, Belgium 2x210 MW IB Valley TPS for Orissa Power Generation Co. Ltd. in Orissa Due Diligence Study
OGDEN Energy Asia Pacific Ltd., Hong Kong 2x120 MW, 2x200 MW & 1x210 MW Units at Ukai TPS for Gujarat Electricity Board in Gujarat Due Diligence Study
NRG Asia Pacific Ltd., Australia 4x50 MW World’s Largest Two-Stroke DG-based Power Project at Basin Bridge, Chennai (GMR Vasavi Due Diligence Study
FWPPL, U.K. 3x275 TPH Gas fired Boilers & 2x15 MW Single Controlled Extraction Condensing TG set for KRIBHCO Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance (Initial)
C.ITOH, Japan A) 6x18 MW ISO Westinghouse CW 191 GT on Simple Cycle & Dual Fuel (Gas & Oil) for Great Man made River Project at Sarir, Libya
B) 5 Nos. GE Frame-6 GT sets with provision for Gas and Oil firing on Simple Cycle in Swedieh Gas Turbine Project, Syria
Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance (Initial)
General Electric Company, USA 5x40 MW Frame-VI Gas Turbines at Dubai Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance (Initial)
Saline Water Conversion Corpn., Saudi Arabia Al-Jubail-II Cogeneration Power/Desalination Complex in Saudi Arabia Construction Management, Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance (Initial)
SCECO East 2x625 MW Qurayya Power Station Stage-II in Saudi Arabia Construction Management, Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance (Initial)

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