Power Transmission & Distribution

Maharashtra State Electricity Board 400 KV / 500 KV Transmission System in Maharashtra, India TEFR, SST, BE, PA
ASEA Limited, Sweden 400 KV Sub-station at Rey Tehran, Iran DE (Civil, Illumination), CM, COMM
National Thermal Power Corporation [NTPC] / The English Electric Co. (I) Ltd., 400 KV Switchyard in Madhya Pradesh, India DE
Public Establishment of Electricity (PEE), Damascus 400KV/230KV/66KV/20KV Kisway Sub-station at Damascus, Syria DE (Electrical, Civil, Arch.), CM
Karnataka Electricity Board, Bangalore a/ 400 KV/220 KV Sub-station (A World Bank funded Project) at Bangalore, India
b/ 400 KV/220 KV Sub-station (A World Bank funded Project) at Devangere, India
Dabhol Power Company, Mumbai / Asea Brown Boveri Ltd., Baroda 400 KV Switchyard at Dabhol, Maharashtra DE, PA
State Electricity Boards of West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Assam 220 KV Step up Generating Sub-stations SST, TEFR, BE, PA, CM, COMM
Orissa State Electricity Board Power Sector Reform (A World Bank funded Project) at Bhubaneswar, Orissa TA, SST
Damodar Valley Corp., Kolkata 400 / 220 KV Switchyard for 2x500 MW Power Project at Mejia Phase-B SST, BE, DE, SCADA
Torrent Power Ltd., Surat 220 / 66 KV Substation at Surat SST, BE, DE, I&E, SCADA, COMM


Empressa National de Electricided S.A. La Paz, Bolivia T&D Project in Bolivia SST
Bharat Aluminium Company Ltd. T&D Project at Korba, Madhya Pradesh, India SST, TA
Power Finance Corpn, New Delhi / Electrowatt, UK T&D Project in the states of West Bengal and Assam, India SST, TA
TEFR – Tech. Economic Feasibility Report; BE – Basic Engineering; DE – Detailed Engineering; PA – Procurement Assistance; CM – Construction Management; COMM – Commissioning; SST – System Study; TA – Tech. Audit; SCADA – Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition.

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